YES! I do, I don’t like it not because of where I live or because my girlfriend…actually, I can’t tell why…I just hate it. Waking up early, go back home and 15 minutes after that, hitting to work on my really old crapy bicycle.

Or maybe I’ll get better when they pay me and it’s all about the money (which I don’t have and which I owe to too many people)…

What it will be? let’s wait until next payment 😛

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I’ve always thought recycling is one of the most profitable business ever. As profitable as it is I always wanted to make a company in that area…maybe some day I will be able to do it 🙂

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I think this is the seccond third game I’ve ever installed on my pc that has to do with cars (after F1, amazaingly accurate Formula 1 racing game and Coling McRae04, one of the bests rally games ever made) and this just shocking!!!

It’s so cool that I couldn’t (well can’t) stop playing! it has so manythings, as soon as I can, I’ll post a screenshot 😀 but later, now I’m installing F.E.A.R. hehe another game 😈

By the way, thanks to Lorelle for the technorati tag post that helped to implement it here 🙂 to you a big GRACIAS 😉

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Well, as part of my new resolution, I’m starting a new blog…lets see how it goes 🙂

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